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A Big Hello to you! Welcome to my RvObserver website. Camping/RV travel has been an exciting journey for me throughout my life. I have experienced a lot of pitfalls and victories in the Camping/RV experience. Trying to travel safely, in comfort at a reasonable cost in the hopes to improve our overall travel experience as well as our future goals, has been a wonderful training.



My Story Hindsight is 2020

Growing up many weekends were spent tent camping by the beautiful Salt River. Tubing and splashing and diving became the menu of the days. Star filled night campfires and scary stories are fun memories.

Remembering not having a lot of comfort in those weekends and at times safety was called into question because of lack of the right equipment.

My passion for rving was born out of wanting to give my children the opportunities for sweet family memories.  We chose the moterhome vehicle form of camping, because tent camping was just not for my hips.
My focus was to create safe, comfortable experiences for my family. The goal to be equipped ahead of time for trials so that not much time was spent getting back to Joy of the travel.

Encouragement To Reach For A Dream

The RV experience provides memories that last a lifetime. Memories that are worth more than the cost to attain them. Family memories are bonding  and glorious living things. Learning preparedness is a part of successful memory building.
Having the vast landscape available to travel and the opportunity, in terms of vacation time, to explore is fabulous!
Having rv travel experience that built wonderful memories with my children and now my grandchildren causes me to be passionate about encouraging others to take steps through knowledge and understanding to be safe, comfortable and knowing budgeted cost controls.
Life is short so being prepared and making the best of all opportunities is what sweet memories are formed with. My desire is to help families, couples, and people in general have a wonderful, safe experience reaching their dreams.


Focus For Joy And Memories

Most of the information discussed within RvObserver will be around safety, comfort and cost-effectiveness for joyous and memorable travels. The vast information, equipment and tools available to all travelers, makes it totally possible to reach any dream that is in your heart. All stages from weekenders to those who travel full-time (Fulltimer) will be encouraged by knowledge and equipped by experience.

The vast lands of our awesome landscapes are amazing and available. The landscape changes some, but the way we travel it has changed a lot! Being equipped provides great comfort to enjoy it. I have experienced and observed the life of RV travelers and products that make traveling safe, cost-effective and comfortable. I have gained confidence from research and many miles of travel. My goal is to share my observations and experience.

Today’s travel equipment is vast, some with more usability than others, but selecting the most useful, comfortable and cost-effective produces can be crucial in dealing with situations on the road. Being equipped and having the savvy know-how is a key importance to pleasant and safe travels, wouldn’t you agree?

I have spent numerous days traveling and countless hours researching equipment and learning from other travelers who have gone before me. I will be sharing my past experiences, present learning paths and our future plans for traveling our wonderful land in an our RV.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of RvObserver.

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