My Pillow Reviews And To My Surprise


Our lives are filled with many events. Some events bring joy and laughter. Others cause us to seek new ways to find joy and laughter. Whether we are in a sticks and bricks home or traveling fulltime in our RV comforts are very important especially when you don’t feel good or when you are in pain.

This is my journey of an event that changed my life. The searching I crawled though to find relief. The perfect provision that were found in the midst of the crazy pain. Some obstacles that needed to be climbed to overcome along the path. A blessing of a wonderful pillow that has promoted for me many nights of uninterrupted sleep and rejuvenation. The My Pillow reviews that almost kept me from purchasing my cloud of relief!

Life Before The Fall

My husband and I have been happily married for 28 years. We have raised three children and now have to check grandchildren and one on the path. What a wonderful joy in life grandchildren are!

We have over our life together been very active. Robert and I have been campers in one path or another for most of our lives together. For years, we had been are taking our kids out to do motorcycle and quad riding in the desert. We enjoy riding our street motorcycle on trips, boating at the river and lakes.

What else can a girl what a wonderful husband and beautiful children and family events that are filled with travel and love. You probably know the kind I mean, where the children are asking constantly are we there yet? And crying he’s touching me make him stop touching me mom! This really are the family memories in our live and beautiful they are!

After The Fall

Our children are grown and in their late twenties now with their own children. What a beautiful day it is!

My husband and I had found a sweet little property at the river in Parker Arizona. We enjoy the area at the river so much that we decided that we would try to purchase the property. In order to purchase the property we would have to sell our home in California and our RV and all the other large things that we own. There was simply not be enough room at the new property.

Our inspections of the property were underway. July 2016 we were traveling to the property to do some inspections. Along the path from our home in California we stopped to get gas and a few snacks.

It was early morning and was going to be a beautiful day. We pulled up to the pump at the gas station my husband Robert got out to fill the truck up. I made my path into the store. Robert pulled away from the pump and backed into A parking space at the side of the gas station. I came out of the gas station got into the truck where we sat and ate our breakfast. After we finished our breakfast I open the door to get out to go throw our trash away and BOOM!

It is amazing to me how one second in time can change the rest of your life for ever. Stepping out of our truck my foot slipped from the oil that was all over the ground. And there I went out of the truck onto my bottom hitting my neck and my head on the step of the truck.

As if a Mac truck I just hit me. My life has never been the same. But there has been things along path the last two years that have helped me to relieve some pain.

Seeking Relief

We had to continue on our travel and inspections of the property in Arizona. Pain and head headaches became a constant. I went to the chiropractor for treatment. Then I went to a physical back doctor. For months, I saw several doctors.

Tests and medicines filled my days. Hopelessness became my companion. Done all the tests and taking the medicines and relief was far from me. The pillows that I have been so used to using and we’re just fine all of my life up until this point has no longer been helpful.

Sleeping had become difficult. Uninterrupted sleep was very hard to attain. This is when I became aware of how very important it is for our sleep life to be nurtured and encouraged. Without a strong good sleep life our awake life is not as productive and strong as it could and should be.

Provisions In Pain

There’s a song that lyrics are something like “you may not get what you want but if you look a little closer you might just get wotcha need “or something like that. And that’s kind of what happens, every step there was provision.

My previous pillow was a Tempur-pedic pillow that had worked for years. It is a memory foam type and is contoured for a side sleeper. I am a side sleeper. It is very hard for me to sleep any other path, but in pain you will sleep however you find it possible.

Obstacles In The Path

My search began with read about pillows on the Internet. What material they were made out of. It’s amazing how many pillows there are out there in this internet world. There are reviews on all of them. This can make you very tired! It did me.

There are pillows just for side sleepers, people who sleep on their back’s, and people who sleep on their tummies. Pillows are made with feathers and others with down.

Memory foam pillows, start out with support but end with very little in my experience. I found my self flipping it in the nighttime. Micro bead pillows have a very weak support system and a little sound to them, of which I did not like at all The orthopedic pillow for me are uncomfortable. Now the body pillows are wonderful, the best fill for a body pillow polyester fibers. I have purchased and use just about everyone of them over the last two years.

At first the new pillow may seem to work for a little while. Then I found that it just did not help. I would be right back where I started from. When waking in the morning the pain in my neck and lower back would feel worse then when I went to sleep. At least it felt like that at the time.

I was definitely in need of a pillow that would help me be able to rest my neck in a position for hours that would allow me to rest without pain. Reading reviews would cause me to be discouraged, because it seems that no one out there is happy with anything. My knocking on the opinion of others gave me some insight and a lot of misdirection, in my case

I would see the commercials about pillows, you know the ones I’m talking about the “My Pillow Guy” and I would think there’s no path that’s going to work. I would talk to people about their pillows. Some use the very same pillows that I’ve used and I knew that that was not going to help.

My Golden Cloud

Coming home from the chiropractor one day. I decided to stop at True Value to pick up a toilet paper holder for our RV. As I stood in line looking down, you know how you do looking at all the stuff that’s there just for your impulse to buy. Behold what do I spy with my little eye a box, blue and white with the face of the My Pillow guy staring back at me.

My thoughts to myself raced, what do I have to lose? I don’t have to pay shipping, and I can try it. So I quickly picked one up, stood there like I had not moved at all. When it was my turn I took it up to the cash register. I asked the cashier “how long do I had to bring this back if I did not like it”. She said I had 30 days and I thought in my head that’s awesome, Yabba Dabba DOO!.

That’s’s exactly what I did. I purchased it and I took it home and I slept on it! That was three months ago. I really am grateful that I chose to pick that box up and try it even though I read all the negative reviews of people. I wish I could say that all of my pain is gone. But that’s simply not true. What I do have is a pillow that supports my head and neck throughout the night like a glove. It is My Pillow! That helps me to have a good nights rest without waking up.

My husband and I went on a RV trip and we left our RV at an RV park in Arizona. We left Arizona and drove home. Opened up the house went and put our stuff down and then I remembered OH My I forgot my pillow! I tell you I cried! for nights, I suffered through the other pillows. You never know what you’ve lost until you don’t have it anymore! Being grateful is very important!

I went onto the Internet to the  “My Pillow” official website to order a new pillow. They had a deal for four pillows two queen size pillows and to travel pillows. The cost for the pillows with tax and shipping was just not in the cards about 30 more then I needed to really pay.

Amazon popped into my mind. Over to Amazon I when to seek out a “My Pillow” price that I could pay without shipping because I have Amazon prime. To my disappointment I couldn’t get the pillow for another week because I couldn’t get a “My Pillow” purchase under amazon prime. Closing the computer and gave up.

The problems from the fall are very difficult to deal with. Seeking to find relief was not an easy time. The obstacles that I found in the midst of all the different product reviews were very were difficult to remove to see product. In my experience with reviews I understand that sometimes just have to try them for myself.

Praise For Provision

Yesterday, July 18th my husband and I decided to go to CVS and see if they sold the “My Pillows As Seen On TV”. As the doors opened to CVS I asked the cashier “do you sell the “My Pillow” and he pointed to behind me as I turned around there stood the boxes of “My Pillows”! And to my surprise “My Pillow” price was half off! I went ahead and purchased two! My husband and myself are sleeping very well on our pillows!

In my mind It would be good to remind myself that if I seek I will find and if I knock it will be opened and when I find I should be grateful and thankful!

If you have any questions about “My Pillow” or A want to share your My Pillow story with us please drop us a note! I would love to hear from you or help you in any path.

Take care! Sleep well!


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