Rv Maintenance Schedule That Keeps You On Schedule


From the best RV fulltime living traveler to the weekenders, maintenance is a very important key to staying on schedule and one the road. Truth be told, a little preventive maintenance can eliminate the need for major repairs later.

With a RV maintenance schedule we can lower the chances of emergency repairs which often happen at the worst of times. We will be looking at some important aspects of RV maintenance schedules and reach our traveling goals of adventure and good old fashion fun!


The Importance Of RV Maintenance On Today’s Roads.

We can travel anywhere we desire to go these days. The amounts of roads we have to chose from is awesome! There are over four million miles of roads put together like a web connecting most of the United States together. We in America spend billions of hours just sitting in traffic with the engines running.

We are grateful for the roads we have to travel and thankful for those we have yet to travel! When I find myself complaining about our wasted hours in traffic, just trying to pass though a city I remind myself of the wonderful places I have been and try not let the temporary difficulty cause a bad attitude. Gratefulness is good heart maintenance and it makes for a better road ahead.

Our roads, highways and bridges have so much differed maintenance its unpredictable while traveling on them. Knowing these driving conditions exist, can still cause all of us extra money in unexpected vehicle repairs. Weather conditions demand top performance of our equipment.

We must be prepared and plan to overcome them when the time comes, and that time will come to even the most prepared traveler.

From good tires to engine performance the most important information to have is the facts on your equipment and its past, presents and future needs. The preventive maintenance schedule is the best defense!

Improving Your RV Maintenance Setup Makes For A Happy Camper

It would be very good to get a traveler log book, some paper or booklet and ink pens, If you already have a Log book Super! YOUR Great! Example of a log book. Keeping the book and pentogether in the same place all the time makes logging needed repairs very quick and easy. We are ready to do some work on setting up our RV maintenance setup log.

Leveling jacks are so very Important to have working well when we’re trying to set up. Hassling with them not functioning at setup time, can be very frustration and tiring. Most of us drive in when it is dark and are pulling into the RV park or open space and that darkness can be hard enough to deal with. Pulling up later than we want, to an open wide space or to a RV park at night is not our happy joy spot even for best of us!

  • Having our equipment maintained and able to do its job when we desire it to, is so Awesome! Even in the dark is feels nice! Freedom is a benefit of a maintained system. We must watch with investigative eyes at the leveling jack’s and their operation
  • We can identify any maintenance issues, Example: If they are bent or need cleaning or need oil which are of great importance. These are just to mention a few.
  • If their are any needs on any equipment write them down on the maintenance schedule log.
  • Committing to using this log for a log of all repairs. A commitment that will give us peace, joy, and happy Faces.

Safety is at the forefront and this addition to our setup routine will keep us and our passenger safe and on the road to see our dreams!

WOW! That could be our first log in our RV maintenance setup log. We do things some times without even thinking about what we are doing. BUT that leads to trouble and for some lots of that trouble on the road.

As you can see it hardly takes any time to use an investigative eye in your setup routine we have seen the equipment and its condition. Equipment in well maintained condition is the jewel of happy travels.

Leveling jacks are just one aspect of the things we have to do when we arrive at an RV park spot or even out RV boondocking. Using our investigative eye when we are setting up each of our pieces of equipment is a key step to preventative maintenance. We then can get this equipment issue written in our maintenance schedule.

Well maintained RV equipment is the main key to a fast and successful setup.

A Check List To Improve Your Maintenance Schedule

In any RV, bus coach, camper, trailer, fifth wheel, or even a teardrop you have maintenance, Walk with me along the bridge between the exterior and the interior of RV’s and their friends.

Every Recreational vehicle has a user Manuel. It is a good practice to read and see what is need to care for and operate the RV or unit you have, That’s the first action to take! We then can use the information we extract and prepared to create our own lists of maintenance items and the time of year they are needed to be done.

  • Washing and wax our RV or unit, They have the material they want us to use on the RV. These units are made of all kind of different material so check out their recommendation. Using the information to create our maintenance schedules.
  • Caring for the seals of our units. Water is great to have but can create a bad issue in our RV or any unit! Read up on this then add it to our RV maintenance schedule is our path to success.
  • Decals need to be take care of as the manufacturer says. If we don’t they will not last and they will look bad! Sad face for sure!
  • Roof care and maintenance is so important and can cause so many problems. Reading what our manufacturer says to do and add it to the maintenance schedule can save us so much stress and money to boot!
  • Carpet and fabric is made by your manufacturer and they have care instruction. Reading them and making a check list from our Manuel for care is a quick way to maintain them.
  • The wood work and counter tops are to be cared for by the instruction of the manufacturer. Reading our manuals and make our check list to create our RV maintenance schedule log provided solid form.

Your manual for your specific unit will be you template to make you check list and maintenance schedule. Its exciting to be prepared and knowing what and when repairs needs to be done!

Maintenance schedules break down into sections of maintenance, like…

1. Monthly: Check the batteries. Inspect, clean and tighten cables

2. Every Three Months:

  • Check your gas lines,
  • Smoke and other alarms
  • Check window and door seals
  • Clean air ducting system
  • Check the seals around you rub and your sinks
  • Lubricate all door hinges

3. Every Six Months

  • Inspect your slider, rollers, and exterior seal

Importance Of logs They Track Cost, Repairs, And Distance

The tracking in our RV maintenance schedule will keep us in the sweet spot of confidence! Our knowledge of the issues our RV has had, equips us with understanding of what to do the next time the issue come up and it is logged and gives us a time line and an understanding of when it could happen again.

The cost of repairs and the items themselves will be logged and help you to know what future issues their can be and how to fix them. The distance log give confidence in length of travel with the life expectancy of the equipment., Now that priceless!

Ripples In The Circle Of Our Rv Life

Our awareness of the road conditions is of clear important. Identifying and logging issues make small ripples of change, when setting up of our RV will keep us on track. Logging any issues for repairs gives us confidence they will not be overlooked.

The ongoing log of needed repairs is easily added to our maintenance schedule. Tracking repairs and distance traveled gives us an idea of cost and preventive maintenance time line. Being able to use today’s information to project into the future our maintenance needs is the cycle of life of the RV maintenance schedule.





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