The Art Of Letting Go By Faith

The Art Of Letting Go By Faith

Art is created by the perception and expression of a person and their emotional power and creative skill. What is our perception of the American dream?

How is that perception expressed through what we own. Are we able to overcome the mirage of our American dream? How can our creative skills make this imaginary life reality.

When we measure who we are by what we have, what is the artwork that is created in us and around us? Are we able to discover the true measure of who we are?

My hope is as we walk this road together we might create a magnificent art piece. From what we see, hear, and desire. What we become aware of in letting go by faith may change the material we us to create our master piece of a dream.

The American Dream And Our Hopes

As a child I can remember my parents and how happy they were to have a house that was theirs. Their hope was realized and becomes reality.

For my husband and myself and many other people having the opportunity to buy a home is a goal and fulfills a dream. That dream gives way to another dream of the house full of children dancing and laughing and hearing their little hearts of joy. Soon as this Dream is realized another breaks forth.

The new job dream fuels our hopes of earning a better income. The joy of a daydream of being happy with what you do every day is another evolution of the dream.

Visions of neighborhoods filled with playing children and cute little dogs emerges in our thoughts. Parks of green treed areas with children at play. Community schools that provide education close to home. The evolution of the dream which are all building blocks to many hearts full of daydreaming power and creativity.

Who Owns Who And The Master Or Slave

It’s my opinion that in America the tendency is to consider material things and comfort more important than contentment or spiritual growth and strength.

We have our homes and all the many furnishings we are accustomed to needing to be comfortable. Finding that in my many things I find comfort at first and then there is a new better comfort that is forefront. That comfort turns into a pain of owning too much stuff.

Before I know it I have two or three of the same “comfort ideas” and I’m not using any of those must have things. They fill my home and take demand my space.

My thought that finding comfort in that thing is very often a Mirage. Temporary comfort at best.

Mirage Of A Dream

Dreams are living and change as we dare to attain them. Very often that living change has a mirage effect when we reach the level of attaining our dream. I myself have found that in my dreams and seeing them realizing always births and new daydream.

I am grateful for the ability to dream and reach out to them. I have found that the road to attaining the dream changes my perception and my expression of creativity results in a new dream. The live ingredients of a dream and a living master piece.

Mastering our hearts desires will keep us from being slaves to our desires. Understanding our hearts and its desires to buy things we don’t really need will help us over come being slaves to what we own.

Being content with what we have is very hard to do. But that mastery keeps us from being slaves to the next “comfortable thing” that is sold with promises of fulfillment.

Make Our Imaginary Life Reality

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen.

After our first time attending this Sunday church meeting we were out on the grass talking to Joe, another person who attended the church. I had communicated that we love to RV. And Joe communicated that the pastor son works for one of the largest RV distributors in our area.

My heart leaps and I was filled with hope! Oh my goodness I thought in my mind is he going to say that the pastor’s son works for Newell?

Newell is a manufacture of a very well-built diesel recreational vehicle. And our new dream is to also own one of these magnificent vehicles. We were suddenly interrupted by another person just saying good morning to Joe. The conversation was never finished.

My faith in God’s provision for my Life causes me to hope in the circumstances of my life. This hope is evident of the things that I haven’t seen. That hope is fueled by my life experiences with God’s provision for me.

God’s provision from me has come physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and relationally, throughout my life. I am learning to use the principles in God’s word of where true joy, happiness and contentment comes from to curve the dreams of my life.

I understand that God does abundantly above anything I could even think to ask him to do. My dreams and the possibilities of my dreams are rooted in Him. It very well could be that what the most important ingredient of a dream is being open to the change in the direction of that dream and holding fast to the foundation of the dream.

Measure Of What We Are

The measurement of who we are is really the total sum of what we have experienced in our lifetime. If tomorrow I woke and everything I own physically was gone I would still be who I am. The experience of losing all my physical possessions would drastically impact me, for sure! But I would still be Tammy!

My financial situation might change. Relationships in my life because of loss possessions might change. And that could bring sadness for sure. The spiritual strength in me would probably weekend and then be stronger. This is my experience from the time that I learned that there was a God.

Actively Letting Go

My husband and I have a dream of letting go by faith our American dream. No longer be slaves to the physical things that we have, and the maintenance that comes along with all our stuff. Our new master dream consists The creator the earth, the map of the road, motor home, our dog and our US adventure RV dream.

Quest To Come

Can we let go and have the solid presence of faith that letting go of everything we own will be OK?

How will this dream change as we reach to attain it? How long will it take to reach the goals to go on the road?

How can we pay for the dream of going on the road full time? This is our new path and it is exciting to dream!

This is the magnificent art piece of my life to finish well and know, Faith is the solid presence of gods love of what I hoped for In Christ, the available facts and possibilities of the things not yet seen. Beautiful and a comfort to my soul.

Observations are best given by people who have actually watched a certain thing take place. If you have walked this path or have questions I would love to hear from you!

You can leave me a comment and I’ll make sure to connect with you!


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