Turn The Key To Your Dreams

We have keys for everything in our lives. I have so many keys on my ring it’s sometimes hard to find the one that I need. Keys is open and close all kinds of locks. Keys allow for access to many areas of life. 

 There are keys for Financial freedom, I can do not spend more money than we make. A key is used to wind up some clocks, to keep them in time. We use keys to punch in the code home alarms that keep us safe. I can definitely say that the key to being happy is being so flexible

The Foundation For Economic Freedom Is In The Budget

We all have some kind of income. Some have less income than others. Our income is the RV engine of our dreams. What kind of manager and mechanic we are over the income we receive will determine our engines ability to perform.

It is vitally important to identify “in” our hearts the difference between what we want and what we need. Reminding ourselves that when we borrow, we are slaves to the one who is lending to us. From the position of a slave we have no keys, no power and our dreams slip away.

Budgeting our income provides and well running engine. Living free from debt gives us the horse power to roar down the roads when we turn the key to our dreams on. All engines need maintenance to maintain optimum operations.

Our income management needs monthly and even sometimes weekly maintenance to perform the way that gives us freedom from worry and deficit. Our budgets are living documents. 

A budget seems like it is controlling. In my experience budgeting has given us great freedom. We are aware and understand what allowance has been made for each area of our daily and monthly life. It’s all covered!

Dave Ramsay is the budgeting guru. We are very grateful for his university. My husband and I have been through the University a couple of times. It’s always good to remind ourselves it’s better to live like nobody else so later we can live like nobody else.

What Does The Clock Say….Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

We all have the same 24 hours in a day as everyone else. Some have more days than others.

Budgeting our precious time is much like the management of our income except we must spend ever minute we receive.

Making sure we are using the minutes that make up our days to gain ground toward our dreams is extremely important to progress. All dreams take our time to shape, mold and build our the visions that creates them.

Questions applied to time are done in for reverse examination.

I use the reverse examination to my time line. Example: If we want to do something in three years, that is 36 months. I divide { lests say 40 tasks } how many tasks we have to accomplish into those 36 months { = 9 tasks a month }. Then divide the { 9 } tasks each month by four weeks { = 2.25 } and then we have what needs to be accomplished each week { 2 to 3 tasks a week } to be prepared in three years. Sounds easy enough, and it can be. 

Staying on track and focusing on the goals each week is much like keeping gas in your car so we can get where we want to be.

Goal Control Is Governed By Realistic Expectations

Most the time our expectations are that we will perform exactly like we need to. Or our systems that we have put together will produce the outcome that we want. Very often this is just not realistic.

Sometimes within my day I will have five things I must get down. But within those five things I will have six or seven other things I need to do as well. So I will say I’m going to do a load of laundry by the time that laundry is finished I need to have these three other things done. Sometimes I’m just totally unrealistic with my expectations of myself.

Contemplating the effectiveness of our process. Examining the outcome of that process. Adding and subtracting the building blocks of goals is the maintenance of all progress. 

To change what’s not really needed, what was previously thought to have been needed, to what has shown its self to be an important part, is a matter of flexibility!

Blessed are the flexible

I believe in all goals and the process is to attain those goals their need to be flexible. Flexibility in our harts toward what we want and what we think we need in terms of time and money can put off anger and frustration and hopelessness.

I admit I am not the most flexible person in the world! I do get frustrated when I am not able to stay on task. And anger can be a definite fruit of thinking I am in control or deserve things to be done a certain way or in a certain time frame. 

Hopelessness is not very far around the corner when in my hart I am the Supreme controller!

Flexibility is the key to with standing unexpected changes. Flexibility promotes grace and gives air to atmosphere filled with stress and frustration. Has to track Smith used to say Blessed are the flexible for they will not be broken. 

 I have noticed that when I am being flexible I am less likely to be irritated, bothered and end up broken.

We Hold The Keys With In Us

Our key ring holds all our keys together and in one place. We are able to unlock our economic freedom for our dreams to be realized. We are able to reach the key to keep our clock wound and in time. Hanging in there together are the keys to unlock unrealistic expectation of our processes and allow change.

 The key ring itself promotes unity and ease in connecting all access in one area of control. 

Very often our harts are the control center where we turn the key in our dreams on!

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on your dreams and your keys to unlock your dreams, you can drop me a comment if you wish. 

If you have any questions or needs I would like to help, just drop me a line as well!

Good day A!


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